Our team

Profile of the director

Alain Berger is a psychologist and the director of the clinic. He has 15 years of diverse clinical experience. For several years, he has specialized in the treatment of anxiety in which he intervenes with adults, children/adolescents and couples. In addition, he has acquired a solid clinical background in mental health, professional counselling, as well as in drug and alcohol addiction. He has worked in various sectors: academia, hospitals, CSST and drug rehabilitation. In his clinical practice, he uses primarily a cognitive-behavioral approach which he appreciates for its rigour and effectiveness. Using schema therapy and EMDR, he is also able to work with personality traits. He offers parental coaching and couples therapy through which he applies an interactive, concrete and brief approach.

Our professionals

This private clinic has psychologists who specialize in the treatment of anxiety disorders, stress and phobias using cognitive-behavioral therapy. Their varied expertise also enable them to treat related problems and to offer a personalized service adapted to client needs.